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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our deep cleaning system dries fast, leaving the carpet soft and the color brighter. Both wet and dry cleaning are used to assure the best cleaning possible. Our products are safe, pure cleaning.. Read More

Scotchgard Installation

Carpet & Fabric Protectors

Carpet and fabric protectors effectively shield fibers from soil and stains by placing a barrier on each individual strand so that soil and spills do not penetrate making cleanup much easier. Read More

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning
(Video Assisted)

Most household dust contains mites, mold, mildew, pollen, and animal dander. Many of these contaminants are circulated through the central air systems and can aggravate the symptoms of.. Read More

Allergy Relief Treatment

Allergen Relief Treatment

Dust mites and pet allergens found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergies. Continued exposure to these can cause people with mild allergies to develop very serious and chronic.. Read More

Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood Floor Refinishing
(Non Sanding Method)

Professionally refinished and restored hardwood without sanding. The no sand system restores scuffed, scratched, dull and worn floors to their original beauty. Our unique formula abrades.. Read More

Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professional mattress cleaning is one of the most overlooked home cleaning services provided today. Most people fail to realize that having their mattresses cleaned regularly helps improve air.. Read More

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repairs & Stretching

Avoid replacement cost. Schinkels has all the right tools and ability to repair holes, burns, and even re-stretch carpet. Repairing carpet is a more cost effective method than replacing the carpet.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile is a beautiful addition to any property or home but over time it can become dirty, dull and even unsightly. Our deep cleaning system renews the appearance of your ceramic tile and grout.

Spot Cleaning

Stain Removal &
Bleach Spot Repair

Stain removal is an area we specialize in. Those unsightly stubborn stains you’ve had for a while now have something to fear! We also have dye kits to repair bleach stains on carpet, eliminating.. Read More

Odor Removal

Odor Control & Removal
(Various Methods)

We offer a variety of odor control methods. Our fogger can reach any area and neutralize odors immediately. We also offer a “Bad Odor Block” which can offer another style of odor control. Read More

Automobile Cleaning

Automobile Interior & Detailing

Upholstery and carpet cleaning will make your car look and smell fresh and clean inside. Our professional cleaning system can clean & revive the upholstery and carpeting. We offer a choice of.. Read More

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning
& Draperies

Deep cleaning of furniture can completely transform any room. No risk of damage to furniture or fabrics. Furniture cleaning also includes Scotchgard application making future stains.. Read More


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